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Mitt of La Mancha

Romney Exhibits a Change in Tone on Immigration

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Mitt Romney struck a more conciliatory tone toward illegal immigrants on Thursday than he took during the Republican primary season, but he backed only limited steps to address the concerns of many Hispanic voters as he confronted one of the trickiest issues in his efforts to build a broad general election coalition.  Speaking to a group of Hispanic officials in the heart of a swing state, Mr. Romney made his most extensive remarks on immigration since President Obama announced last week that he would use executive authority to allow many young people who are in the country illegally to avoid deportation.

Attempting to establish a rapport with the Hispanic community, Mitt Romney announced that he was moving the Velasquez painting from the guest bathroom to the living room.  When asked in which of his homes, Romney conferred with his advisors before exclaiming, “All of them.”

The former governor added, “I really don’t think you are inferior.  In fact, Ann tells me that your King Juan Carlos is much better at polo than Prince Charles.”  Romney further gushed his enthusiasm for Man of La Mancha-“What great Spanish music”– and asked the audience to sing along with him “The Impossible Dream.”  When the crowd proved unfamiliar with the Broadway music of an American Jew, the still chipper Mr. Romney proposed “How about Carmen?”

At least, the audience knew the word “toreador.”

  1. Cindy Starks says:

    This is too funny, Eugene, and succinctly captures just about what Mitt’s familiarity with the Hispanic community probably is — not counting his gardeners! Carry on, my underemployed friend. Welcome to the club!

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