FinermanWorks is what I do and what I can promise you: fine and effective writing.

I am Eugene Finerman, a freelance writer whose work reflects experience, versatility and common sense.

Yes, that seems a bold assertion and you should expect me to prove it. I have created this website for that purpose. It is a showcase of my work. Just click on a link and you can sample the writings of a twenty-year career in public relations.

My assignments vary, from brochures to speeches. So do the topics: technology, history, economics, medicine, ethics, and education. Furthermore, my writing itself is versatile, assuming a style appropriate to each project and client. A speech might be warm and humorous, an annual report never will be. However projects will differ, all of my work illustrates my commitment to clear and precise writing.

I invite you to explore this website, reading the selections as well as my biography. You should have an enjoyable time. But keep in mind my ulterior motive: the opportunity of working for you. If you have need of a skillful and pragmatic writer, please contact me.

I promise you: FinermanWorks.