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Romney campaign touts his tax return transparency


Romney released two large sets of documents Tuesday on his campaign website.
The 2010 federal return shows that he paid about $3 million on nearly $22
million in income. The 2011 return indicates he will pay $3.2 million on nearly
$21 million income. Much of Romney’s earnings came from investments made by his
blind trust and associated with his long career as a private equity manager.

From a reading of the finally released documents, Romney seems heavily invested in Wite-Out.  According to his 2010 taxes, Romney’s $21 million income was derived from his newspaper route, getting the deposits on soda bottles and the Viking gold found in his backyard.   His 2011 taxes report the same.

His rival Newt Gingrich accused Romney of being an accessory to “Viking secular-humanist crimes” and demanded that the gold be returned to the looted Irish monasteries.  Immediately amending the tax forms and press releases, the Romney campaign then insisted the regularly found treasure was Carthaginian gold and “we refuse to return it to suspected Arab terrorists.”

Mr. Gingrich’s 2010 income was $3 million, one seventh of Romney’s total.  Gingrich explained, “My chief income is the immense satisfaction of inspiring anyone who knows me.  So what if Mitt made $21 million?  I would have won twice that much on Jeopardy, but they won’t let me on the show because the liberal media doesn’t want the public to appreciate my brilliance.”




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