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Titanic Disproves Global Warning!

Apr 14, 1912:

RMS Titanic hits iceberg

April 14, 2011

Geraldo Rivera Vows to Find Iceberg.

“Maybe that iceberg is passing itself off as a Canadian igloo.  Maybe it fled to Antarctica, but I think that it is still out there lurking and ready to strike again.  I’ll find it and bring it to justice.”

Who Really Sank the Titanic

House Republicans Look For Culprits

Following a three-hour explanation by Eric Cantor that Iceberg is not necessarily a Jewish name, House Republicans demanded that the Public Broadcasting System should be defunded for its role in the ship’s sinking.  As proof, the scripts of “Upstairs, Downstairs” were read into the Congressional record.  Congressman Louis Gohmert of Texas also condemned the name “Titanic” for being a dirty word.

Senate Republicans Look for Culprits

An indignant Mitch McConnell wanted to know why any First Class passengers had drown.  “If they didn’t pay for a lifeboat, who did!”  The Senate then passed an unanimous resolution of apology to the Astor family.  The apology resolution to the Vanderbilts passed 70 to 30 when it was revealed that Anderson Cooper was related.  The apology resolution to the Strausses was 60 to 40; apparently their name sounded too much like iceberg.

p.s.  Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play:

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