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Fair is foul, and foul is fair and balanced

Times are tough, so I have had to take a job as the drama critic for Fox News.   Here is my first review.

Once again Public Television and those fancy English writers show their contempt for American values, especially normal sex, with a heavy-handed portrayal of a working class family.  The dialogue is unintelligible, no doubt PBS’ idea of Redneck accents, so I could barely understand the plot of “Mac and Beth”.  They seem to be a struggling couple. Mac apparently is a migrant gas worker.  First, he is working for Methane of Glamis, then for Methane of Cawdor.  Beth thinks he can do better.  So he sees these three social workers, who get him into some management program.  

But even that evidently doesn’t bring in much more money.  He still can’t afford cable television.  With lousy reception, Mac can’t tell “Is this a dagger which I see before me?”  Beth apparently has a job as a manicurist but must take her work too seriously.  Mac’s workplace seems to have a lot of industrial accidents and, without socialized European healthcare, everyone has to walk around like a corpse.  (By the way, doesn’t Banquo sound like a Hispanic name?  Mac’s entitled to his suspicions.)  

The play, reflecting the social bias of British liberals and PBS subscribers, also offers a none-too-subtle attack on American education.  What happened to Mrs. MacDuff certainly is an outlandish criticism of home schooling.  We know in real America the children would be better armed than bureaucrats from the Department of Education.

Of course, Mac and Beth end badly but nothing happens to the three social workers.   They are still around to interfere in our lives, corrupting us with their big government liberal promises.  And you will hear the same story tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.  It is a tale told by Fox News.

  1. Peg Pruitt says:

    “It is a tale told by Fox News.”

    In other words, a “tale told by idiots, signifying nothing.”

  2. Nancy Kullman says:

    I will keep this review in mind when I hear Mac & Beth at the Lyric tomorrow night.

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