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For Paul Family, Libertarian Ethos Began at Home

New York Times

WASHINGTON — In keeping with their position as the First Family of Libertarianism, the Pauls of Lake Jackson, Tex., did not have many rules around their home.

“Behave yourself and be polite” is how Representative Ron Paul describes his regulatory philosophy about rearing five children. Mr. Paul, a Republican, and his wife of 53 years, Carol, never believed in assigned chores or mandates.

They did not give out allowances, which they viewed as a parental version of a government handout.

During each of  the pregnancies, Ron Paul induced his wife’s labor in her eighth month.  “Any longer than that would be socialist.”  Each child was born on the front lawn.  Paul wanted them to have an early understanding of Libertarianism.  “If they come into this house, it has to be their own choice.  In a truly free market, they should be allowed to see other housing possibilities.  The infant should also explore other meal options available.  My wife does not have a mammary monopoly, and I wouldn’t want my child to think otherwise.  We are not running a welfare state.”

Rand Paul remembers the valuable lessons of his childhood.  “We could only eat what we found or caught.  I can tell you 14 different recipes for cat.  But Dad wouldn’t let us eat roadkill.  That would be acknowledging the value of government-built roads.”  

And let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

  1. spinnikerca says:

    OK, I’m a Rand Paul supporter, (and Ron), but that was funny.

    Mind you, the ‘growing up in a commune in Texas’ meme in the NY Times was pretty much a joke, itself….

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