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Don’t Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

Pope’s priest: Abuse flak like anti-Semitism

Personal preacher says accusations similar to ‘collective violence’ on Jews



I am sure that the Vatican media department has issued a clarification of that…..

“Of course, we didn’t mean that Jews are attractive enough to molest.  Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill–obviously not.  Maybe Fred Savage when he really young.  But Corey Haim certainly wouldn’t have been worth the trouble getting to third base–or the 11th station of the Cross.  No, we were only comparing the fact that we are claiming a statue of limitations for what we did, and the Jews are claiming one for what they didn’t do.”
If the Church hired me as its media consultant (and I am willing to be paid in gelato), I would recommend the repeal of the Council of Trent.  Meeting in the mid-sixteenth century as a belated response to a few defections in Northern Europe, the Church Council attempted to clean up its more sordid corruption.  It would still be in bed with the most repressive regimes in Europe (hello Spain) but not with any attractive Italian women. This time it was going to be serious about celibacy!  So Renaissance versions of Frank Langella would no longer be hitting on the ancestral prototypes of Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Monica Belluci.  (Well, that takes the arch out of the archbishop!) Until that Council the Cardinals actually did not even have to take religious orders; so they had ignored the celibacy bit as easily as they did the vows of poverty. 
The Council did not exactly cure Protestantism, and but it did keep unbridled heterosexuals out of the clergy.  Of course, that led to other problems.  Instead of child support, the prelates now are spending fortunes of hush money.  In hindsight, the Church was better off when its bastards were merely literal.  
  1. Peg Pruitt says:

    I was brought up as a Catholic – first communion. confirmation, carechism teacher – the whole nine yards. But the child abuse scandal totally disgusted me for one primary reason. The church hierarchy made a deliberate, heinous decision to protect the abusers rather than the innocent victims. There can be no excuse for this immoral choice made by the church.

  2. Steve Katz says:

    I am aghast at the loss of credibility of the Irish church.

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