Your RDA of Irony

At the Very Least…

The funeral of Michael Jackson should begin with 15 minutes of global wailing.

This will be followed by a procession of every Nobel laureate doing the moonwalk.

Then there will be a medley of Michael’s greatest hits.  Representing Hollywood, Ernest Borgnine will sing “Ben.”  As a personal greeting from God, “Ease On Down the Road” will be sung by Pope Benedict XVI, the Dalai Lama and Oprah Winfrey.  “Thriller” will be performed by Barack Obama accompanied by the exhumed and animated corpses of 39 deceased Presidents. 

The United Nations will announce the renaming of the Sun.

Finally, the funeral pyre will be lit and the 3500 reporters covering the event will commit suttee.  Please!

  1. Wimple says:

    CNN is reporting that billions are set to watch the Jackson funeral. Thats Billions with a B. I’m sorry, I find this hard to believe.
    I like your suttee idea.

  2. Peg Pruitt says:

    Let the suttee start with Al Sharpton – please!

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