Your RDA of Irony

My Gestapo Groupie

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, well neither am I. I know that it is some sort of “network” that is supposed to promote me in all my glory to a world eager to employ me. Presumably the ensuing riches will surpass whatever LinkedIn would charge me. Several people have asked me to join their circus of connections and I am usually too polite to refuse.

Today, however, is an exception. Through the LinkedIn standard form, a woman asked me to join her connections. But I feel somewhat reluctant because I hate her. She used to send me Anti-Semitic letters and literature. No, I did not meet her at a Nuremberg rally. She is a fan of Jeopardy, if not Jews. You have to marvel at my luck with psychotic groupies. Clint Eastwood gets Jessica Walters, Michael Douglas gets Glenn Close…but I get Mel Gibson in drag.

She denounced Jews for thinking “they’re special” and “better than anyone else” , and she saw no reason for our continued existence. However, at least she did not blame me for killing Jesus. As far as she was concerned, he was just another loudmouth Jew who got what he deserved.

Now, for your RDA of Irony: she is a Jew. But she apparently thought I should either agree with her self-loathing or absolve her of it. While I am not a qualified psychiatrist, I would have recommended a tallith for a straitjacket. After a few attempts at civil discourse, I told her that she had every right to be self-loathing but not to blame the Jews for it. Did she take the hint? No, I evidently was too Talmudically subtle.

And she still thinks that I would want to be one of her connections.

  1. Jason says:

    That last statement fairly assesses her mindset, she appears to be somewhat mentally disconnected.

  2. Peggles says:

    Some people are a complete waste of protoplasm.

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