Your RDA of Irony


The Republican “Dream Ticket” of Maverick and Annie Oakley ended today when Alaska Governor Sarah Palin resigned. Palin had not realized that she might be expected to move to Washington D.C. “I don’t trust them cities with all their communist contraptions” explained the governor who had ordered the removal of stoplights and sewers from Juneau.

Palin even expressed her personal dislike of the White House. “It is not the kind of place where I can just open a window and shoot something.”

She also was offended that the Republican platform would not incorporate her Anti-Abortion policy into the party philosophy. “Unwanted children are an excellent source of meat” she insisted, offering the reporters a collection of her favorite survivalist recipes.

With Palin’s resignation and the need for another token woman on the Republican ticket, Mitt Romney has offered to change his sex.

  1. David says:

    Oh Eugene, the uncrowned king of the modest proposal, you have created another marvelous piece. Thanks ever so! David

    PS It’s the addition of wild garlic found only in abandoned Alaskan oil fields that make that “Lazy Child Stew” such a taste treat. D

  2. Alan Perlman says:

    Why don’t the R’s just admit they’re the Good Ol’ White Guys Party and pick another white male — GOWGs run the country anyway, so what’s the difference?

  3. MAGNA says:

    A bible in every bedroom and a chicken in every pot..
    I wonder if the includes Catholics hmmmm
    I guess a Copy of Kabbala is out of the question….
    I have a Pending Question
    Are Caribou a Kosher Animal ???

  4. Peggles says:

    Jonathan Swift would be proud!
    I loved it.

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