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Clinton Wins Luxembourg Primary

Insisting that the visitors’ book at the American Military Cemetery was a Democratic ballot, Senator Hillary Clinton today thanked the voters of Luxembourg for her victory in the primary. Reporters did find her name pasted in the visitors’ book. No other candidate’s name was found.

When the Obama campaign questioned the validity of a Luxembourg primary, Senator Clinton replied that cemetery was American territory and that its 5076 residents were entitled to vote despite their current physical handicaps. As the winner of this primary, Senator Clinton feels entitled to three supernatural delegates.

The Obama campaign is also disputing Sen. Clinton’s claim of a unanimous vote. The most famous resident of Luxembourg’s U.S. Military Cemetery is General George Patton who certainly seemed to be a Republican. Senator Clinton insisted that Patton would have preferred her to Senator Obama. “Patton knows that I would have slapped him back.”

  1. David says:

    oh my…This one is Eugene at zenith. Funny though, to qualify as satire most offerings need to far enough from reality as to be obvious. Based on this utter cat wiz about “leading in the popular vote” offered by the Clintonette crowd, this may have actually happened. **memo to Sen Clinton**, “Make nice. Congratulae Sen Obama. Go home. Vote straight ticket in Nov. Thanks for playing, (signed) Democratic voters.

  2. And I voted for Hillary! She is becoming the Gracie Allen of the Democratic Party. If only she had married George Burns to tell her “Say Goodnight Gracie.”

  3. David says:

    Until say, six months ago, I was very much looking forward to voting for Hillary. But oh my Goddess, as her banner was not clutched to breast of every Democrat, her efforts went sideways. So very sideways. Had expected better.

  4. If, when on Jeopardy if I had played by Hillary rules, I would have insisted on changing the daily doubles and final Jeopardy until I liked the questions.

  5. Peggles says:

    Damn! They never told me I could do that!

  6. Rothgar says:

    Rats you mean I could change the rules as I go?
    Oh darn, this only seems to work for wealthy DLC types.


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