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Eugene: Confessions of a Serial Killer

Posted in General on December 21st, 2012 by Eugene Finerman – 7 Comments

N.R.A. Calls for Armed Guards in Schools to Deter Violence

WASHINGTON — After a weeklong silence since the Connecticut school shootings, the National Rifle Association on Friday called for a program to arm and train guards in schools as the best way to protect children from gun violence. The group blamed video games, the news media and lax law enforcement – but not guns – for a recent rash of mass shootings.

So, how would I kill people with my video games?  First, I would explain to them the rules of “Civilization” and once they are lulled into a coma, I could repeatedly stab them with the CD.  It probably would take three months.

Actually, I believe my old table games might be deadlier.  If I hone the edge of my Monopoly board, I could try using it like a Samurai sword.  One paper cut on the jugular, and you could start adding up the body count.   I admit: it is unlikely.  No, the real lethality of Monopoly would be getting my victims to swallow the hotels and houses.  Of course, I would have to coax them at gunpoint.