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My Thanks

Posted in General on October 26th, 2013 by Eugene Finerman – 5 Comments

Ossian_Receiving_the_Ghosts_of_French_Heroes_-_WGA09512 Here I am thanking my heroic volunteers who campaigned for me in the Tournament of the Decayed.  Without your creativity and energy, I would have been some garrulous old man with an audience limited to me.  Let me begin my thanks.

First, you had no idea that Karen could be so annoying–all those emails telling you to vote for me.  But how could you refuse her?  People who never met me ended up pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to resurrect me on Jeopardy.

Just think of those delightful posters (alias memes, so I am told).  Let me introduce my talented mentor Nadine Eastwood;  she gave me two dimensions—and in color.  I am probably just a figment of her imagination.

Then I had the support of Heaven or at least my synagogue.  Yes, the people who would not trust me to write a Purim skit based on Jane Austen (“Tribe and Prejudice”) still showed touching support in this campaign.  “I had no idea that you were intelligent” as so many of them said; I had to explain the difference between an idiot and a lunatic.  Special thanks to our wonderful Cantor Vicky Glick.  She always knew I was a lunatic.

Did you know that I have supporters under the age of 40?  No, I am not counting pugs.  (Jeopardy didn’t either, alas).  Any semblance to a landslide at Highland Park High School is due to the drive and enthusiasm of Dahlia Cohen–who is now entitled to a free history term paper.

My campaign even received publicity on television. My impresario is Michael Hastings.  I am always on stage; he realized that I needed some cameras.  Thank you, Michael.  True, the camera showed my bald spot; but I am still gorgeous by Jeopardy standards.

Would you like me to list the hundreds of old friends who encouraged me?  Mike and Sue from grade school…Doreen from an old job…. Eric, Merritt and Cat from Jeopardy…Really, I am tempted to start a cult.

Now, am I forgetting anything?  Oh, yes, the election outcome.  Sony will not let me tell you–at least until December.  However, I can divulge the voting procedure…

Doge Ball

Once again, thank you!