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Confederate History Month

Posted in General on April 7th, 2010 by Eugene Finerman – 8 Comments

 Confederate History and Heritage Month 2013

April 1-30th 2013 is Confederate History and Heritage Month throughout the USA!

The Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee of the National and Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans proudly recognizes and appreciates the signing of proclamations by Southern governors, mayors and county commissioners since 1995 designating the month of April as “Confederate History and Heritage Month.”


The Reason for the War:

In November of 1860,a shifty liberal lawyer named Abraham claimed to have won the presidential election.  In fact, he only had a minority of the popular, God-fearing American votes; but you know how those Abie lawyers can always find a loophole.  As if the Electoral College really counted!  Well, real Americans (and with the foreskins to prove it–you’ll notice that Abraham never was willing to show his) wouldn’t stand for such an electoral fraud.   Rather than kneel to such slavery, we fled his tyranny.

The War Itself

You know that we actually won the war, but the cheating North kept changing the rules.  How many times did we have to win Bull Run?  We won the first day at Shiloh, and the first two days at Gettysburg; but those Yankees kept insisting on overtimes and do-overs.  They wouldn’t play like gentlemen.

A Certain Misunderstanding

The interfering socialists of the North just didn’t understand how we treated certain of our pets.  We loved them.  Why they practically followed us home from Africa, and it wouldn’t have been right to let them succumb to neglect.

And now you know Confederate History.