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Posted in General on March 15th, 2012 by Eugene Finerman – 3 Comments

A rather significant birthday approaches, and I face the prospect of being 20 for the third time.  It is daunting to realize that I have outlived Henry VIII.  At least I am still younger than William Frawley was on “I Love Lucy.”

However I just received a wonderful consolation from my friend–and fellow Jeopardy relic–Leah Greenwald.  She knows my love of both Byzantine history and marzipan, and so she crafted this masterpiece: an iconfection of the Empress Theodora.

Here is the birthday geezer with his marzipan pinup.


If you are not familiar with Theodora, allow me to introduce her.

Yes, I am reluctant to eat this wonderful iconfection.  But at Leah’s urging, I will commit this act of trampsubstantiation.

So you can see that my birthday–this Saturday–is off to a delightful start.