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Hi, I’m Eugene And I Have This Special Offer….

Posted in General on August 27th, 2010 by Eugene Finerman – 2 Comments

There are some real advantages to subscribing to The New York Times

I subscribe to exclusive benefits
Dear Home Delivery Subscriber,As a subscriber, you have access to more than just the delivery of the newspaper. Your subscription includes FREE benefits :

  1. The exclusive right to use the words post-modernist, louche, bildungsroman and Proustian in a single sentence.
  2. Free brunch at any home in the Hamptons.  Just show up with a copy of the Sunday Styles and demand the meal.
  3. Refer to Pulitzer-winning dramatists by their first name. (In the case of Mr. O’Neill, Gene may be pushing it.)
  4. Receive a complimentary tote bag or sweatshirt, emblazoned with our proud crest:  Of course, I’m insufferable.  I read The New York Times.