Your RDA of Irony


I just came across a list of “Television’s 25 Most Shocking Deaths.” Of course, the list was purely subjective. In some cases, the shock was that I had never heard of the particular shows. So I decided to create my own list of traumatic demises,,,

‘Television’s 25 Most Shocking Deaths”

20-25: Botched experiments on “Mr. Wizard.” However, the subsequent shows on dissection were always interesting.

6-19: Arthur Chu eating defeated contestants on Jeopardy!

5. Riding home from their wedding and the BBC, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy are killed by Andrew Jackson. That does even the score for burning Washington.

4. On the series finale of “Gunsmoke” Marshall Dillon’s realization that Miss Kitty was a transvestite. You’d think in the series’ twenty years he might have noticed sooner, but that was television in its PG days.

3. Bennett Cerf strangling John Daly on “What’s My Line?” Mr. Cerf was enraged that he had spent five minutes trying to guess the identity of Soupy Sales. The jury would rule it a justifiable homicide.

2. The TARDIS landing on Matthew Crawley. The Doctor did provide the late Matthew an alternate life as a malpractice attorney in 1349 London.

1. Barney killing the three civil rights workers on the Andy Griffith episode “Mayberry Burning.”

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