Your RDA of Irony

Which Empire Would You Be in 1914?

It is the centennial of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.¬† I am surprised that there is no Buzzfeed Quiz for you to pick¬† “What Empire Were You in 1914?”

Which best describes your bloated, chauvinistic incompetence?

A. Should I try dragging the Empire into the 18th century or just stay in the harem?
B. Check out the Faberge catalog, go to the ballet and blame for the Jews for losing a war with Japan.
C. Remember to treat the Indians better than the Irish.
D. Build a major naval base in Munich and train my dachhunds to goosestep.
E. Do my epaulets make me look fat, Monsieur Renoir? Battles are won by the best-dressed.
F. Yes, the Balkans and Slavic nationalism should be addressed–but first try the Sacher Tortes.

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