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Where To Plant-a-genet–act II

In a case suitable for wigs, a British court ruled that the body of Richard III belongs to Leicester.

So Richard is stuck in Leicester. At least he no longer in a parking lot. But why should he be housed in an Anglican Church? The man was a Roman Catholic; and given his reputations with nephews, it is improbable that he would have liked a church founded by a great-nephew.

At least let Leicester’s various denominations compete for Richard’s membership. That is the Free Market way! For instance, speaking for the Leicester Hebrew Congregation, I can assure you that Yiddish sounds almost like Middle English. If you don’t believe me, sing “Canterbury Tales” to the soundtrack of “Fiddler on the Roof.” (Maybe not the Prioress’ Tale.) As for Richard himself, a slouching curmudgeon with annoying relatives, he will fit right into any Jewish congregation.

But Richard should also consider other options. Leicester does have a mosque; he could be “this Sunni of York.” The Shree Hindu Mandir would offer Richard the chance of reincarnation–but”House of Cards” and every MBA program already does. Perhaps Richard would just like to enjoy his celebrity. Unfortunately, Leicester does not have a Church of Scientology.

As for act I:

Where To Plant-a-genet?

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