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Today, Vladmir Putin named Arthur Chu as a reason for invading Ukraine…

Quite a few people have asked my opinion of an aggressive young man who is the current champion of Jeopardy. Are his tactics destroying the show’s genteel academic atmosphere? Certainly not, because that Ivory Tower was destroyed ten years ago when Jeopardy eliminated the five game limit for contestants. Until then, Jeopardy was only a dilettante’s adventure; now it can become a cyborg’s career.

Somehow I think that Jeopardy may yet survive Arthur Chu. In fact, his run is likely over, although his inevitable loss has yet to be broadcast.

I am more intrigued by how this overblown outrage began–when Mr. Chu had only appeared on four televised games. My impression is that it started in the British Press. American quiz shows don’t seem the usual fare for London tabloids. Believe it or not, I was never asked to pose topless on “Page Three.”

But perhaps an underemployed but aggressive actor had a tenuous connection in the British media who planted the story. Perhaps with all the stoked publicity, the underemployed actor hopes to turn a winning streak into a career.

  1. Cindy Starks says:

    Hi Eugene — I didn’t like Arthur Chu until last night when he said he was going to use his winnings (or part of them) to allow his wife to finish the novel she’s been working on. That won me over. Yes, he is aggressive with his play and actually courageous with his betting on the daily doubles, but I guess if it’s a winning strategy, it’s a winning strategy. 🙂

    • Eugene Finerman says:

      Yes, but he intended to spend the rest of his winnings on torturing the orphans in the other contestant’s care.

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