Your RDA of Irony

The Tournament of the Decayed

You have been waiting to know how I did in Jeopardy’s Fan Favorite Contest.  But Sony made me sign a terrifying contract, demanding my silence.  It is somewhat unnerving to read such recurring phrases “sue you for damages, if and when we feel like it” and “you don’t think that the Geneva Convention will protect you.”  The enclosed photos of Nanking, 1937 were probably gratuitous, especially with the question “Wish you were here?”  I definitely got the hint.

So you had to wait because I had to wait.  Today, however, Sony has freed me from my bondage of silence.  I can finally make the announcement!  Unfortunately, it is more of a whimper.  I did not win the contest.  Unless there is a miracle or a scandal, I will not be in the tournament.

You can’t  say that I didn’t try.  On the contrary, I threw myself in the campaign–a one-man repertory company.  I was center-stage, promoting myself and barraging you for votes.  During that one week, I lost sleep, gained weight and had a wonderful time.  I reveled in the theater of politics; I discovered my inner sociopath. While I certainly enjoyed the campaign, I am not quite so thrilled with the outcome.  Disappointed would be an understatement.  Surprised would be an euphemism.

But I want to thank you all for your support (except Leah Greenwald, but she had a decent excuse; and I was her second choice).

And please stick around; I may need you for the next tournament.

  1. Anytime! It was fun! Although, as you say, not anywhere near the desired outcome. If there were any justice in the universe, Sony would have just invited you, and not had an election.

  2. Peggles says:

    I was so excited when Alex said the results would be revealed, and then so disappointed to learn that you didn’t make it. My stylus is at the ready for any future contests.

  3. Mary Pattock says:

    Such a mistake.

  4. Jenny says:

    Aw poo! Good effort in any case! I voted lots,and certainly agree with Nadine.Perhaps a better, more exciting opportunity awaits!

  5. kerry wolfe says:


    I have been checking the site myself periodically and was surprised the time frame was so long. Likely some of the contestants had blocks of voters (eg school teachers ) but I applaud your moxie and think they will be missing a great contestant. I know and understand those contracts… Lawyers can be a pain 🙂

    Glad I could support the effort.

  6. Dennis Pennington says:

    So sorry , I voted early and often .

  7. Howard Grill says:

    I’m very sorry we came up short. It’s their loss though. As a born and raised Chicagoan, I voted every day and, ahem, “encouraged” my friends to do the same. Happy to support you and would gladly do it again.

  8. Barbara Rosenberg says:

    Awwwwwwww well sorry. Bummed. But your enthusiasm and social networking impressive!!! Next time!!

  9. Judy Stein says:

    As Hannah Montana sings , ” It’s the climb! “. You certainly made the journey there and back. Congratulations

    • Eugene Finerman says:

      You are the first person I know who has ever quoted Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus to me. Have I led a sheltered life?

      But thanks for the encouragement.

  10. Freddie Oufi says:

    Eugene, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing!

  11. Katherine says:

    Awwww, So sorry about the outcome. I was just telling someone about this the other day. Maybe next time. I will vote for you again and again!

  12. Rafferty Barnes says:

    Sorry it didn’t work out! I’m disappointed you and Kara didn’t make it.

  13. Nooooooooooooooooo! I was so sure you would win!!!! Well, you’ll always be a Jeopardy! champion and that’s more than anyone else I know can say!

  14. Joan Stewart Smith says:

    Eugene, we all had had fun promoting you! After all,it’s the “journey not the destination.” (Don’t through anything at me for that quote!)

    • Joan Stewart Smith says:

      Please change “through” to “throw”! I am wondering what that Freudian slip entails, beyond it’s too early in the morning.

  15. Iris Iglarsh says:

    Sorry to hear. You will always be my favorite Jeopardy contestant. Their loss.

  16. Very sorry to hear this. I suspect it wouldn’t have been that hard to rig the vote. The Jeopardy producers should have picked a third of the contestants.

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