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Wait Hard

St Sebastian meme OKYes, I am still waiting for the election results. That means you are, too. Sorry.

(Between us, I am guessing that it will be another two weeks or so. I imagine the ballots are being counted at Sony Headquarters–where there is a risk of them being stolen by Alan Rickman’s gang in “Die Hard.” Yes, Bruce Willis will save the day, but then he is going to spill a beer on the ballots. They then will be unreadable, and the Supreme Court will get involved.  On its standard 5 to 4 decision the Court will pick the contestant from a Red State. I will get a lovely sympathy note from Ruth Bader Ginsberg.)

  1. Hal Vincent says:

    Eugene, the way I read the contest rules (the usual left to right) the winner is supposed to be announced on air Feb. 7th, 2014. Maybe, though the ballots were cast online, there’s some electronic equivalent to hanging chads causing the long wait. I’m very confident that a man of your stature – though I don’t know your exact height – will do well. But now it’s all in the hands of the Gods so hopefully – if the unthinkable were to occur – you won’t be a Thor loser throwing lightning bolts around and getting hammered. By the way, those pictures of yourself you’ve been posting lately are scaring my children…and they’re both adults. Hal

    • Eugene Finerman says:


      As long as you include a halo in the portrait, you can be as kinky as you want. That would have been wise advice to St. Elliot Weiner.


  2. Dennis Pennington says:

    Eugene ,
    The wait must be nerve wracking .

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