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I scan the headlines…and make up my own stories.

“Oscar Winner Replaces Bale as Batman”

That leaves some room for speculation.  Of course, the obvious choice is Merle Streep; she can do anything.  I would not consider Dustin Hoffman or Natalie Portman for the role.  Superman is Jewish but definitely not Batman. 

Daniel Day-Lewis would insist on living in a bat cave.  Philip Seymour Hoffman might be better as Robin.

Wait, the choice was right there:  Michael Caine.  The frustrated, jealous butler kills the playboy millionaire and then impersonates him.  And that film already has a plot:  stealing ideas from Patricia Highsmith.


“Pope Dials Strangers”

Finally, crank calls with class!  “Hello.  Do you have been Prince Albert in a Can?  Would you like me to resurrect him?”


“Koch Brothers Drop Pursuit of Tribune “

 I was so looking forward to their subtle influence on the newspaper.  Wednesday, the food section:  “Don’t Let Michele Obama and Her Nutrition Fascism Take Your Favorite Foods Away.”  In the comics, Charlie Brown and his husband Linus no longer are allowed to celebrate Christmas, but coerced into worshiping Charles Darwin.  

And let’s not forget the actual absurdity of this day:




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