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But How Will This Effect ‘Downton Abbey’?

Experts find remains of England’s King Richard III


Mon Feb 4,

He was king of England, but for centuries he lay without shroud or coffin in an unknown grave, and his name became a byword for villainy.

But on Monday, scientists announced they had rescued the remains of Richard III from anonymity — and the monarch’s fans hope a revival of his reputation will soon follow.

In a dramatically orchestrated news conference, a team of archaeologists, geneticists, genealogists and other scientists from the University of Leicester announced that tests had proved what they had scarcely dared to hope — a scarred and broken skeleton unearthed under a drab municipal parking lot was that of the 15th-century king, the last English monarch to die in battle.

Lead archaeologist Richard Butler said that a battery of tests proved “beyond reasonable doubt” that the remains were the king’s.

Buckingham Palace:  When informed of the identification of Richard III, Prince Harry said, “Huh?”

Prince Philip, however, did have a better idea of Richard.  “Oh, bloody Hell.  Cement, you say. I’d rather be under a polo field.  He really was more Froggie, you know.  Plant-a-genet… What a French way to say ‘Straw.’  Cement, so improper.  Sounds almost American, although they would have had him in a car boot.  I suppose that there now will be some ceremony.  One of us will have to attend, but I am certainly not going to Leicester.  Waving, nodding, speeches.  Richard’s not missing much.  Royalty’s just not what it used to be.  Of course, he had his share of bad press.  Mind you, I can think of a few princes I wish I had strangled.”

Washington D.C.:  Denouncing the death of Richard III as another failure of the Obama administration, House Republicans demanded hearings and possible impeachment.  Speaker John Boehner indignantly asked,  “Why did this administration wait 500 years to tell the American people, and why would you trying tell them in iambic pentameter?  And why would you begin this collection of policy failures with ‘Now is the winter of our discontent…’  This is not the time to discuss global warming.


  1. Cindy Starks says:

    Forget Downton Abbey; how will the affect t(or is that effect?) he search for Jimmy Hoffa. Cement, I say. My Mom always said Jimmy Hoffa was a U-turn on Highway 101. 🙂

  2. Hal Vincent says:

    Eugene, how ironic that a monarch who proferred his kingdom for a horse should be interred beneath a parking lot filled with vehicles with appreciable horsepower. Bad timing, indeed.

  3. TonyHuf says:

    Some interesting archive footage has also come to light

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