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The Danish-American War

For the past five years I have been writing a history column for BOSS magazine.  And I have yet to run out of history.  In fact, here is my latest column-on The Spanish-American War:

Spain made a perfect enemy.  The government was repressive and vile, the country was weak, and it had something worth stealing.  Really, the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico were too tempting not to conquer.  We were even an improvement over the Spanish.

Yes, we could also have extorted the Virgin Islands from Denmark, but even the Hearst Newspapers would have had a difficult time conjuring stories about Danish atrocities.  “Defenseless Natives Expected to Eat Herring.”  “Children Taught to Spell Kierkegaard.”  No, we saved ourselves the embarrassment and just bought the damn islands.



  1. Cindy Starks says:

    Eugene — I am very impressed that you have been writing for BOSS magazine for 5 years; however, I’m less impressed with them because I never even heard of this magazine. How have they managed, in the age of humungo social media outlets all over the planet, to keep it secret. Get on their case, woudja? And another thing, how come they let you write for them — haven’t they read the histories you write for your blog? Yikes! However, you are right about one thing — you’ll never run out of history to spoof…I mean chronicle. Carry on, Mr. BOSSman… 🙂

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