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Retroactively Speaking…

Ed Gillespie, one of Mitt Romney’s top advisors, tried to explain the candidate’s departure from Bain Capital by noting that he’d “retired retroactively.”

A campaign spokesman refused to decipher Mr. Gillespie’s remark, saying that “the profound and spiritual intricacy of a koan must be understood rather than explained.  Otherwise, it would be an insult to all the Buddhists of the world.” 

Three hours later, following the denunciations from Talk Radio, another campaign spokesman explained Mr. Gillespie was not a Buddhist and had never justified the attack on Pearl Harbor.  “In fact, retroactive retirement is a Christian concept.  It is exactly what Jesus did.  Let’s face it, after that Good Friday, how many lepers has He cured?  Yes, His name is still on the corporate stationery–but 1900 years is a little more than a leave of absence.  This is a retroactive retirement, and would you expect Governor Romney to do any less than Jesus did?”   

Two hours later, following the death threats, another campaign spokesman insisted that Governor Romney had not compared himself to Jesus.  “Obama is the one trying  to cure lepers, not us.”

Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day.


  1. wayne rhodes says:

    curiouser and curiouser (in other words…mind-boggling!)

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