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Mayberry R.I.P

TV Legend Andy Griffith Dies at 86

Noting the passing of Andy Griffith, Senator Mitch McConnell blamed Obamacare.  “The death panels are already at work.  And the Anti-Gun policies of this administration meant that poor Mr. Griffith couldn’t have the machine guns or howitzers to defend himself from liberal bureaucrats.”

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney noted Griffith’s passing as the death of an era.  “Mayberry was America, your America, my America.  An America where Gomer Pyle was proud to take my place in Viet Nam.  An America where Aunt Bea never had an abortion.  She just pretended that Barney was a foundling.  Yes, Otis was the town drunk; but he was the only liberal there.  And look how happy the minorities of Mayberry were; you never saw a dark look from any of them.   Perhaps that Mayberry is gone, but we can bring it back.  And when I am president, I can promise you the same wages as those golden years of the 1960’s.”

And let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

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