Your RDA of Irony

The Wars of the Roses was the original Family Feud.

Richard Dawson (He was the host in 1470): For the crown of England, name four people you would most like to see in the Tower of London.

Henry VI: a moo-cow.

Dawson: Let’s see if the audience says “moo-cow.” XXXXX. Gee, what a surprise! But the Lancastrians still have a chance. Queen Margaret of Anjou, what did the survey say?

Margaret: William Caxton! I command it.

Dawson: William Caxton? You must think that you are on Jeopardy! Did the survey say, “William Caxton?” XXXX.

George of Clarence, you are the Lancastrians’ last chance. What did the survey say?

George: Joan of Arc?

Margaret, Henry: Good answer; good answer!

Dawson: Survey says….XXXX. Now, it’s the Yorkists’ turn. Edward IV, who would the audience like to see in the Tower of London?

Edward IV: How about Henry VI!

Dawson: The board says, “Yes. Henry VI!” All right, Yorkists, who else did the audience survey want to see in the Tower of London?

Richard III: My two obnoxious young nephews?

Dawson: The board says, “Yes, the Little Princes.” Here is your chance to sweep the board and take the throne. Who else did the audience say that they wanted in the Tower.

George of Clarence: Me.

Dawson: Weren’t you just playing for the Lancastrians?

George: I actually belong in the Tower.

Dawson: Survey says, “Yes. The Yorkists win!” Let’s say goodbye to the Lancastrians; and as lovely parting gifts you will receive¬†eight plays by William Shakespeare.

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