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Scarlett Johansson has nabbed the plum role of Janet Leigh  in Fox Searchlight’s “Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho”, an upcoming biopic that sheds light on the difficulties Hitchcock suffered during the making of the classic horror film. Leigh was, of course, one of the stars of the film – an A-list movie actress who audiences were shocked to see being violently killed off before the halfway mark.  Anthony Hopkins will portray Hitchcock.

In the two hour film, 100 minutes will be about the shower scene.  Hollywood’s plumbers union was remarkably conscientious.  Union local president Gus Guido (played by Jack Black) was very concerned about the water’s temperature and offered to stand with Miss Leigh in the shower stall.  There was political controversy as well.  J. Edgar Hoover feared that the movie would be interpreted as an assault on American Motherhood.  The FBI Director was brought in as a consultant and proved quite useful in advising Anthony Perkins how to dress like one’s mother.  Mr. Hoover will be played by Rosie O’Donnell.

p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

  1. Leah says:

    Sheesh – first a film about Monroe and Olivier making a movie, now one about Leigh and Hitchcock. (The title sounds like the title of a master’s thesis). Truffaut has covered this all pretty well in his book.

    What would be *much* more interesting would be a film about Grace Kelly and Hitchcock making To Catch A Thief, for instance, or better yet, Kelly making High Society (only Charles Walters directing, but think of Kelly and the cast– to quote Hitch: “That Grice! She —-ed everybody!”)

    • Eugene Finerman says:

      Of course, the behind the scenes revelations I want to see is “Going My Way: the Real Story.” Just how true are the rumors about Rise Stevens and Barry Fitzgerald? Why would be rehearsing “communion” at 3 a.m., especially when neither was Catholic?

      By the way, Ms. Stevens is still available to appear in a sequel or to sue me for libel.


      p.s. I could have said Bing Crosby beat underlings with golf clubs but that probably is true.

      • Leah says:

        Wow! Has she broken Adolph Zukor’s record of oldest Paramount person?

        And only if underlings includes his kids.

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