Your RDA of Irony

Wedding Announcements


In an effort to broaden his appeal to Republican voters, Mitt Romney announced that he was marrying Betsy Ross, Snooki Polizzi, Ann Coulter, Ayn Rand and Nancy Reagan. Only Ms. Coulter has actually accepted. Neither Ms. Ross nor Ms. Rand were available for comment, but Mr. Romney insisted that they had agreed. Ms. Polizzi seems reluctant unless there is an open bar at the Mormon Tabernacle; however, in deference to Mormon beliefs, Snooki would only be allowed to swig from a paperbag during the service. Nancy Reagan refused the Romney proposal, but Mr. Romney assured voters that she would marry him in the next world.

And let’s not forget the historic significance of this week:

December 11:

December 12:

December 15:

December 16:

December 17:





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