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ABC Cancels ‘Charlie’s Angels’

Gadhafi Killed in Capture Attempt

No, it was not a coincidence.  Col. Gadhafi was the only known viewer of the remake of Charlie’s Angels and was hoping to appear on the show.  He had left repeated messages for Aaron Spelling at the Hillcrest Country Club.   Mistaking Col. Gadhafi’s pleas for another of Shecky Greene’s pranks, the Club staff played along and never mentioned Mr. Spelling’s funeral.

Learning of the show’s cancellation, the Colonel lost further reason for living and decided to go out in a barrage of bullets, the way “Charlie’s Angels” should have ended.

In a related story, the network stunned by the failure of “Charlie’s Angels” has announced that it will remake “My Little Margie”.  With the assistance of computer graphics and animatronics, Gale Storm will be available.

  1. SwanShadow says:

    Gadhafi would have watched “Charlie’s Angels” if Condi Rice were starring in it.

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