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Sex and the City’ Prequel on Its Way?

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Will Carrie Bradshaw make a return to television? Talks are underway to develop author Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, for the small screen.

The Carrie Diaries starts with Carrie Bradshaw’s senior year of high school in New England in the 80s and leads up to her budding writing career in  New York City. Her love interest in the books is Sebastian Kydd, who comes from a privileged background and ultimately winds up betraying Carrie.

If Carrie’s first love is named Sebastian Kydd, I can guess the nature of her disappointment.  But at least he probably taught her all about Manolo Blahniks.

But I think that we could come up with better prequels than that…

The Pleisto-Scene“:  See how young Fred Flintstone learns to walk upright.  Watch Barney Rubble panic when he loses his tail; how will he explain it to his parents?  And watch the lads get into all sorts of trouble with that yellowish, burning stuff!

Mayberry Burning“, starring Lucy Lawless as Aunt Bea.  What she knows–and does–will keep Andy boss of the town.  And what happened to those three civil rights workers?  The reason why Deputy Fife now is trusted with only one bullet.

I Love Ethel“:  While Ricky is still beating the peasants on his father’s Cuban estates, and Lucy is fighting off the advances of Louis B. Mayer, see how Ethel meets Fred at an Alf Landon rally.

Endora the Teenage Witch“:  Imagine the fun of being a sorceress in the Middle Ages.   In the premiere, Endora dyes her hair black; the 14th century is a good time to look Gothic.  Unfortunately, her spell for “black dye” inadvertently causes “black die.”  Half of Europe’s population gets the Bubonic plague.  But with quick thinking, Endora blames the Kravitzes.   In subsequent episodes, we will meet Endora’s first love: Sebastian Kydd.  And doesn’t that explain it all….

Now I will just sit here and wait for my Emmys.



  1. Patrick says:

    Eugene, wasn’t that Sex in the City prequel already done in the 1980’s? I thought it was called ‘Square Pegs’.

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