Your RDA of Irony


In Dublin, Manhattan and the more pompous English departments, this day is commemorated with intentional incoherence as a celebration of James Joyce and the setting of “Ulysses”.  June 16, 1904 is when “stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead” and entered Cliffs Notes.

The appropriate form of celebration would be subversive erudition.  For instance, go to Mass and proclaim “Carrion Liaison”  (which theoretically could describe transubstantiation).  See if you get away with the pun or if a Jesuit punches you in the mouth.  The only real danger is if your emergency room physician is the sibling of a programmer at HBO or Showtime.

Because then the next Bloomsday would be celebrated with the premiere of  “Ulysses“–starring Larry David and Lucy Lawless…

On tonight’s episode Leo suspects that his circumcision was performed by Jack the Ripper.  He insists that Scotland Yard investigate.  Arthur Balfour (guest star Ricky Gervais)  thinks of a way to get Leo out of the office.   Back in Dublin, Molly gives a  “Yes I said yes I will Yes” to William Butler Yeats, Barry Fitzgerald and the touring D’Oyly Carte Company.  She does turn down Kaiser Wilhelm II; this will have repercussions.

Stereo Simulcast in Latin, Greek and Middle English–all at once.

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