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Donald Trump Questions Obama’s Citizenship

Now Sending ‘Investigators’ To Hawaii

If you want to  revoke President Obama’s citizenship just revoke Hawaii’s.   It might be a little embarrassing to the McKinley administration, but the United States had no right to the Hawaiian Islands and knowingly accepted stolen property.  That is why President Grover Cleveland refused to annex the territory when it was first offered in 1893 by the American businessmen who had overthrown the Hawaiian monarchy and seized control of the islands.  

Of course, Cleveland was a Democrat and couldn’t distinguish the difference between thieves and entrepreneurs.  William McKinley evidently could.  (A thief takes a pineapple; an entrepreneur takes the entire island.) He welcomed the offer and accepted Hawaii as an American territory in 1898.  However, now that has proved inconvenient and so America should return the islands to the royal house of Del Monte.  And incidentally, with Hawaii’s postdated sovereignty going back to 1893, Barak Obama would really have been born in a foreign country.

President Trump will probably appoint me to the Supreme Court.

p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

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