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Solving Libya

Arab League Demands Imposition of No-Fly Zone Over Libya

(So long as it doesn’t have to pay or provide planes.)

U.S. Senators Demand No-Fly Zone Over Libya

(They are filling out the loan applications at a Beijing Pawn Shop now.  The gravel, formerly known as Mount Rushmore, will make a nice dam on the Yangtze.)

Italy Offers To Take Back Libya

Rome: Responding with an obvious empathy to chaos and corruption, Italy has offered to take back its former North African colony.  Government spokesman Gino Ironi explained, “We wouldn’t be ruling Libya.  We don’t even rule Italy.  However, we are extending the benefits of being Italian to Libyans.  Why not, they practically look Sicilian.  Of course, there will be some adjustments to the Italian style.  A multi-married Libyan will have to reclassify his surplus wives as mistresses.”

Italy also offered employment to Colonel Gaddafi. “He is pompous, tyrannical, self-righteous, and preposterously theatrical.  There is no reason he can’t be the next Pope.”

Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

  1. Brent Hoffmann says:

    Who’d a thunk? Saudi Arabia is finally breaking out those tons of weapons that the U.S. has swapped for oil. It has dispatched troops across the causeway to bolster the beleaguered royal family of Bahrain. According to the Gulf Daily News, “Their mission will be limited to protecting vital facilities, such as oil, electricity and water installations, and financial and banking facilities.” Yeah, for now. But there awaits a quagmire (or quick sand), Saudi Princelings!

    • Eugene Finerman says:


      I believe that the Saudis were using their stealth fighters as upscale replacements for hunting falcons.


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