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Egyptian Excavations

Egypt seems to be in the news.  The New York Times is marvelling at the similarities between the educated elite of Egypt and Ivy Leaguers.  The Chicago Tribune is impressed that both Illinois and Egypt have a city named Cairo. 

And from the sacred archives here is my guide to governing Egypt:

  1. tsitrian says:

    This piece and recent events have inspired me to walk like an Egyptian. Now if I can just find a good plastic surgeon to un-foreshorten my face and move my eyeballs to roughly where my temples are . . .

    • Eugene Finerman says:

      Really, Mr. Tsitrian,

      But for you annoying Byzantines, Egypt would still be a nice Coptic country! However, every week you seemed to be changing your definition of the Trinity, and you expected all those provincials to keep up with your latest theological quirks. No wonder the Egyptians eagerly surrendered to the Arabs, who were less annoying than Constantinople was.

      Alexandria was a walled sea port; it could easily have ignored a small Arab raiding party. Imagine you see some kids stealing your hubcaps, and you run out and hand them the keys to your house. That is what Alexandria did!


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