Your RDA of Irony


Director, Consumer Activation
The Director, Consumer Activation is responsible for the development and execution of multi-channel consumer activation plans to achieve business unit growth and profit goals.  Provides leadership and consumer promotional/experiential marketing expertise to the team to insure effective/efficient program development within an innovative mindset.  This person is responsible to oversee the promotional program budgets and insure said budgets are not overspent.   
  • Directs the planning and oversees the development and execution of all consumer activation plans that meet marketing objectives and are scalable at the local level.
  • Ensures timely and complete communication of the activation programs to Store Ops and insures in-store execution of programs.valuates, Coaches, and Develops all direct reports to create and maintain a high performing consumer activation marketing team.
  • Directs the team to take consumer insights and strategic differentiators for each initiative and translate them into actionable consumer driven activation programs.
  • Develops and maintains, with an eye for continuous improvement, a consumer activation planning process to deliver optimal, collaborative programs that accomplish the marketing objectives for each initiative.


Activate a consumer.  Was that anything like Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment?  Of course, you can’t just rob any grave.  Look for an exclusive neighborhood of sepulchres.  In Chicago, we have Graceland Cemetery–where you can find generations of Armours, Palmers and Fields enjoying eternity in their final mansions.  Now that is the type of zombie you’d want as a customer.
But there may be less drastic (and actually legal) ways to activate consumers: coupons.  The activation program can design little slips of paper that picture an item and publicize a discounted price for it.  Unfortunately, anyone who describes himself as a consumer activationalizer would publicize a “decimating quantification” instead of “10% off”.
  1. Rich Greb says:

    Never use one word when 76 will suffice. A great example of current biz speak.

  2. Joan Stewart Smith says:

    Yet another reminder for us to stop spreading corporate-speak.

  3. If I ever become so impaired that I wander into an office like the one that posted Mr. Consumer Activation’s ad, and I actually become employed at said office, please notify my relatives to activate the Kevorkian clause of my final will and testament.

  4. Michele says:

    This is exactly what I have spent most of my working life fighting against. The worst of it is, if you ask people who write like this to explain themselves in English, they usually can’t. My new pet peeve is “space,” as in “I work in the public relations space” or “my client is in the technology space.” I wish they really were in space, far, far out there beyond the solar system.

  5. Eugene Finerman says:

    I certainly have had my encounters with this biz-babble. Some are quite proud of their incoherence. When I informed one bureaucrat that I had no idea what he said, he replied “Then you shouldn’t have been listening.” I imagine that will be his audience’s reaction.

    Once I was hired to translate a technocrat’s jargon into intelligible prose. After he read aloud his standard opacity, I couldn’t help myself and asked, “Keats, isn’t it?”


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