Your RDA of Irony

Christmas Newsletters Through History

Catherine de Medici, 1572:

Guess who I poisoned this year!  If you are reading this, it obviously wasn’t you.

George III, 1783:

This year’s mailing list will be a little shorter.  Thirteen colonies–well, they resented paying postage anyway.  But can’t be too glum.  We are having a wonderful time talking to trees.  (They are more reputable than any of my sons.)

 Mary, 0 B.C.

We have a new member of the family, If you think that childbirth is difficult, try One with a halo! Trust me, that is no place for a sunburn. There was a choir of Angels singing in Latin; so I have no idea what they were saying. Is Gloria in Excelsis the wife of Augustus? The Welcome Wagon brought the usual gift assortment and ads: gold, frankincense and ten percent off your next purchase at Toga Tots.

Eugene, 2014:

Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men” would leave me with the ultimate writer’s block.  But maybe you’d like it?


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