Your RDA of Irony

And Think What You Will Save on Razor Blades!

Having offended two major religions (well, one actually is minor but old and pushy), I wouldn’t want to overlook Islam.  Every year at this time, there usually is a holiday greeting from Osama Bin Laden. 



And here is the infomercial.

Tired of being an infidel? Wish you had a friend at OPEC? Well, what’s stopping you! Become a Moslem! We’d love to have you!

Convert now and take advantage of this special introductory offer.

A CD of the Koran, ululated by Cat Stevens.

A kaffiyeh for you and four burkahs for your wives, designed by Islam Dior.

And a Jihad Scimitar Set–with a blade for every occasion: decapitations, circumcisions and minced figs!

Just call our toll-free number. We have mullahs waiting to take your soul.

So, the next time I turn to Mecca, I hope to see your backside.

p.s.  Let’s not forget Hinduism and this day’s historic significance:

  1. Rafferty Barnes says:

    There really are designer burkahs out there, as my friend found out when she worked in the United Arab Emirates for a year.

    • Eugene Finerman says:

      Dear Megan,

      Of course, I am not surprised–putting the fun in fundamentalism. I am sure that some Klansmen (at least the congressmen) got their sheets tailored on Savile Row.

      Thanks for the entertaining, edifying link.


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