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Sunday Sundry

Topic I

Boardwalk Empire is a very instructive series on how a career in bootlegging and gambling can be both civic-minded and quite endearing.  Of course, being on HBO, the show has to offer more than drama, intelligence and wit.  So I am going to predict who we will see nude on tonight’s episode:

Eleanor Roosevelt 

The Ziegfeld’s Follies, including Will Rogers and Fanny Brice.

Topic II

I seem to be a bad influence on kitchen appliances.  Now, our oven is an underachiever, too.  Last night, it refused to cook above 250 degrees.  While that may be an adequate heat for torturing Anne Askew, it really is insufficient for baking salmon and potatoes.  So what would you call a dinner of raw fish and potatoes:  Irish sushi? 

Of course, as proof that there is a God–and He is not as lovable as an Atlantic City Bootlegger, the oven’s tepid tantrum occurred during a dinner party.   Why settle for malnutrition when you can have public humiliation, too!  I was ready to order out for pizza (I am an American male) but Karen improvised minor miracles with a toaster oven.  Dinner was served, and no one got food poisoning from the fish or broke a tooth on the potatoes.  Martha Stewart would be satisfied.

Of course, we welcome your pity but the appliance repairman will be here before your care packages arrive.

p.s.  Did anything of historical significance happen today?  I think Lenin gave up his career in law:

  1. SwanShadow says:

    The true test of Boardwalk Empire’s excellence, Eugene, is the fact that I still tune in every Sunday night despite the constant threat of seeing Steve Buscemi in the altogether.

  2. Rafferty Barnes says:

    I was reading an article on the Butterball hotline workers. They are all instructed in many different ways to cook a turkey, including microwave, for just such an occasion as yours.

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