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Political Postmortem

It is Thursday, two days after the election, and I am still receiving political flyers in the mail.  Of course, it is from the Republicans; they can afford the postage.  Today’s sales pitch features a beautiful woman and next to her the headline proclaiming that my Tory/Rotary Club Republican congressman really is pro-choice.  That certainly would be true if she were the Congressman’s mistress.  Even the most pro-life politician favors abortion when it might save his reputation.  But I am not questioning the sincerity of the congressman, just his ad agency.  I saw the same beautiful model on a brochure for a dental practice.  There, she was assuring me of “comfortable, trustworthy dentistry.”  Do you think she had a teeth-cleaning and an abortion simultaneously?  Anatomically it is possible, and I imagine that it will happen all the time under Obamacare. 

Now, for the election results.  In an exciting race between a fool and a fiend, the fool won.  Yes, our completely incompetent governor–a man who could be compared jello, a flounder or both–won reelection.  So you can just imagine his opponent.  No, don’t bother; I’ll give you the details.  The losing candidate advocated unrestrained possession of automatic weapons and the immediate extermination of unwanted pets.  See that hungry kitten in the alley; feel free to machine gun her!  Needless to say, the Rambo of puppies was the pro-life candidate.  Worse, even with all his self-canonizing ads, he looked like a used-car salesman–with a sneer rather than a smile.  So, here was my choice:  one candidate can’t do anything right, and the other will do everything wrong.     

I and a majority of Illinois voters chose a calamity over a catastrophe. 

Speaking of catastrophes, let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

  1. Dennis says:

    Boo Hoo
    How would you like having Rand Paul and chinless Mitch McConnell for senators ?

    • Eugene Finerman says:

      Dennis, I’d like to see Mitch and Rand swap toupees. The Whigs are back!

      My new senator Mark Kirk will try to be a moderate, but Jim DeMint will threaten to steal his lunch money.

      I am watching “Boardwalk Empire”, and I have to say that Meyer Lansky seems like a brighter, more charming version of Eric Cantor.


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