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French Senate passes ban on full Muslim veils

     A spokesman for the French government proclaimed, “This is more important than religion; we are defending French fashion.  And we are being very lenient with those shapeless, opaque effronts to the eye.  We used to slaughter Huguenots for wearing black before autumn.  Why can’t the Moslems compromise in the name of chic:  make their veils transparent.  In France, the fewer clothes you wear, the popular you are.  Look at Carla Bruni–and don’t pretend you haven’t.  Now, try to name President Sarkozy’s first two wives.”
    Reaction was swift and ferocious.  From Indonesia to Sudan, protests denounced America.  When asked why no one was blaming the actual culprit, the imams chuckled, “Do you think the French have a monopoly on cynicism?”
   p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day: 

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