Your RDA of Irony

The Kreme de la Kremlin

Well, I am finally appreciated.  What a pity it is not in this continent, this hemisphere or even this century.

Still, if Vladimir Putin thinks I’m a scream, it is healthy to agree with him.  For all I know, they are pasting my picture into the old Soviet archives.  I could be the Paul Rudd of the 1918 Politburo (replacing Gregor Zinoviev in that role).

Unfortunately, given the current stability of Russia, it is quite likely that the National Library is also a porno site.  So, if you click on my article’s link and get a teenage nymphomaniac offering to marry you, it really is not me.  Of course, I am gratified to realize my work is an aphrodisiac.  I never would have guessed it, and none of you bothered to tell me.

(Special message to any Russian pimps reading this:  I am available to ghostwrite your propositions and the annual reports for brothels.  Believe me, working for corporate America, I am the equivalent of the piano player in the parlor.)

Do svidaniya

p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

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