Your RDA of Irony

Das Korporation

Coordinator Loyalty Addressable Marketing Communications 
Corporate (Sears, if you must know) 
The Coordinator Loyalty Addressable Marketing Communications reports to the Manager Loyalty Marketing Communications and in partnership with the Addressable Marketing Manager assigned to Loyalty. 




A Day in the Life of a Coordinator Loyalty Addressable Marketing Cordinator

Today, as I planned, was “Bring Your Child To Work Day.”  Of course, I never promised that the children could leave here.  And even if I had, so what!  This really is a wonderful test of the employee’s loyalty to the company.  It was not as if I asked every parent to strangle the child.  (  As for the ten who did, I am recommending the managerial program for the two fastest.) Of course, I fired every employee who objected to their child’s shipment to our plant in Indonesia.  It was not as if we were selling the child to some other corporation; Sears has a sense of loyalty, too. 

p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:






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