Your RDA of Irony

Beach Plague?

Apparently the identify of BP is almost as murky as the waters of Gulf of Mexico.  For some inexplicable reason, reporters have referred to the gushing oil philanthropist as British Petroleum.  However, that is not merely wrong but slanderous.  As company spokesman Sir Reginald “Binky” Dabwattle insisted, “This is bloody well not a British company.  None of our products were used in the Hundred Years War–except for basting Joan of Arc.  We gladly would have sold axle grease to both sides at Waterloo, but that wog Bonaparte never asked.  Really, BP does not mean British.  It stands for something completely different, and a focus group is working on that right now.” 

Bulgarian Petroleum would be a possibility.  The Balkan country might be grateful for any attention.

Or the company could dispense with the initials and choose a name with a more illustrious, noble image.  How about Philip Morris?  No one is using it now.

And let’s not forget the historic significance of this day:

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