Your RDA of Irony

Tonight’s Schedule

You may wonder what President Obama will say in his State of the Union speech?  I wonder how the Republicans will keep him from saying it.  Giving him the wrong location is worth a try.  However, the President might be suspicious about giving a speech from the top of a minaret. And even if he does make it past the changed locks and overwaxed floors of the Capitol, Mr. Obama still must contend with a hundred more Republican strategems.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann will attend the session wearing only teabags, and she intends to do yoga.  That should preoccupy the video portion of the program.  However, there is still a risk that the President might be heard.  To prevent that, the Republicans will insist that the session begin with “The Lord’s Prayer”; Eric Kanter and Joseph Lieberman will be allowed to say it in Hebrew.  This will be followed by “The Pledge of Allegiance”, all four verses of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the entire score of “Annie Get Your Gun” (According to Fox News, Irving Berlin’s tribute to Sarah Palin).

If, at anytime, the President attempts to speak, the Republicans will accuse him of being partisan.  They then will proceed to drown him out by singing “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”  No speech can compete with that.  After the closing musical number, the Republicans will announce that there has been a bomb threat.  Several congressmen will detonate themselves to prove it. 

Of course, the President will be blamed; and in view of the carnage, the State of the Union is much worse than the President would admit.  How dare he lie to the public!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programs….

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