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Today’s Meanderings

I am feeling a bit unsteady on my feet–beyond my unusual lack of coordination.  (When school teams were picked, I was slightly preferable to children in wheelchairs.  I could have taught St. Vitus to dance.)  On the other hand, I am not a hypochondriac but quite the opposite–a hyperchondriac.  For instance, if one of my legs fell off because of gangrene, I would hold off on going to the doctor so long as I still had the other leg.  Yes, I probably am the pinup of the medical insurance cartel.  (Your insurance adjuster may have already told you, “Why can’t you be more like Eugene!”)

So, if I am admitting to feeling light-headed–no pain, but the sensation is like sitting through three Busby Berkeley musicals–I must be rather ill. 

What are the first symptoms of swine flu? 

Lacking the stamina for a fresh lecture on history, I am going to recycle this pedantic from last year.  You probably will forgive me.

October 22:  The Wrong Exorcism

  1. Dennis Pennington says:

    Feel better soon .

  2. Rafferty Barnes says:

    Rub some dirt on it and walk it off!

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