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The Eulogy


“The Eulogy”

cast: Harold Pinter, ghost and guest of honor
Lady Antonia Fraser, his widow
Ian Holm, actor
Vivien Merchant, first wife

Harold: Should I say something?

Lady Antonia: I really don’t think that it is expected of the dead.

Harold: That’s why I want to. But what should I say?

Antonia: Coherence would be a nice change of pace. Of course, the public would love all the eternal gossip. God’s appearance…or Satan’s. There is an equal audience for either.

Ian Holm: Is he really dead..or is this just another of his inexplicable pauses?

Antonia: Both. And I shouldn’t complain. Those pauses saved you from having to memorize dialogue.

Ian: But I had to look as if I knew something.

Antonia: So did Harold.

Ian: Nobel Prize. Not bad for a cockney.

Vivien Merchant: Always could pronounce his H’s, though.

Antonia: His type always could.

Harold: My type?

Antonia: You know.

Ian: He knows.

Harold: But I love cricket.

Vivien: Social climber.

Antonia: That would explain me.

Vivien: That would explain you.

Harold: Should I say something to this audience?

Antonia: A profound silence should suffice.

  1. Peggles says:

    Perfect! I was never a fan of old Harold.

  2. Mary Ann Jung says:

    You’re such a clever Dickens!

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