Your RDA of Irony

Season’s Bleatings

A thousand years ago, the children of Scandinavia looked up to the sky awaiting the arrival of a jolly, boisterous spirit and his animal drawn cart. If the children had been good, they would be rewarded with weapons and attack plans for the British Isles. Thor and his goat cart would eventually be replaced by a migrant deity willing to work longer hours, deal with diseases and the other drudgery that no self-respecting Aesir would touch.

Yet, Swedes still celebrate the Christmas season with little straw goats, a symbol of their former theology. Perhaps in Scandinavian Nativity scenes the Virgin Mother is wearing a breast plate and a horned helmet.

  1. karen finerman says:

    Love this. The imagery is beautiful on this very gray Wednesday..

  2. Bob Kincaid says:

    The post so nice she posted twice!

    Glad you’re feeling some better, Karen!

  3. Mary Ann Jung says:

    One year Godzilla snuck into my creche and when I asked my husband why he thought that appropriate he said “The song says We 3 Kings of Orient Are” and Godzilla’s King of the Monsters and from Japan. Irrefutable-Godzilla stayed.

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