Your RDA of Irony

On This Day in 1964…

Herbert Hoover found himself in Purgatory, sentenced to 5000 years of reading books on economics, finance and civics. But, after just 44 years of torment, Hoover may receive clemency. Press Secretary Gabriel explained the possible change in policy, “As catastrophic as Hoover was, he still is better than George Bush.”

According to the Purgatory Parole Board, “Mr. Hoover was an oblivious ass whose dour personality alone could have induced a Depression. You would not have wanted a beer with him, especially if it led to your arrest for violating Prohibition. But however inept and exasperating his response to the economic collapse, he did not cause it. The 1920s had been a frenzy of financial speculation with a stock market propelled by wishful thinking. The madcap market could not sustain itself, and Hoover had the abysmal luck to be President–after only six months–when reality ruined the party.
Now, if Hoover had been President for seven years and had encouraged every irresponsible financial practice that led to an economic collapse, then 5000 years would have been too short a time here.”

The Parole Board also noted that Hoover had inherited, not started–his unnecessary war: Prohibition. And, to his credit, at least his administration captured Al Capone. Furthermore, Hoover had not escalated the war on alcohol by invading Canada, or rationalizing the existence of vodka to justify an attack on the Soviet Union.

In view of these extenuating circumstances, the Board is considering a reduction of Mr. Hoover’s torment to 1000 years or at least upgrading him to a private sulfur pit instead of the one he is currently sharing with Milton Friedman.

Meanwhile in Hell, the Emperor Caligula has applied for a promotion to Purgatory, asserting that at least he was better than George Bush.

  1. Hal Gordon says:

    Eugene —

    Let’s not forget that Hoover saved millions of people from starvation. That should count for something.

  2. Bob Kincaid says:

    Not to mention the fact that Hoover at least TRIED to alleviate the suffering when a huge hurricane hit the Gulf Coast during his administration. That his attempt resulted in more death and misery is merely the natural outgrowth of his being a Repiglicken.

  3. Hal:

    Hoover’s work with World War I refugees was outstanding. If there were any justice, he would have been elected President of Belgium.


    Please elaborate.

  4. karen finerman says:

    STILL better than 43.

  5. Peggles says:

    If there were Olympic events in arrogance, ineptitude, and all-around stupidity, W would be a triple gold medalist.

  6. Brent Hoffmann says:

    And don’t forget Herber’s invention of that great vacuum cleaner, which I still like better than the Dyson thing.

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